There’s no clear path to become an entrepreneur, everyone makes its own but the destination is same for all. And the one thing is clear – “entrepreneurs do not do it for money”.

Even though most of the billionaires like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t actually finish college, and dropped out early to launch their companies, but they learned great lessons early in their life that made up their minds, worked hard and built so-called billion dollar empires.

But did you ever wonder what actually made them to do so?

The simple answer is, “PASSION”. Passion is what made them forget everything and focus on achieving their goals…

As Steve Jobs once said;

“We believe people with Passion CAN change the World for the Better.”

All the people who made billion-dollar fortunes in history posses very similar mindset. When we dig deep, we find out that they all have three things in common – the passion, perspective and persistence.

It’s very important that you set up goals early in your life. Because that gives you a direction and path to follow. Other people might stay unfocused in life. As you grow older, you see more things, meet more people, more opportunities, everything’s more and more… being focused is difficult later in life.

What actually Billionaires studied in college?

There are three things that every billionaire adopted early in age – dream big, make goals and never give up.

Dreaming Big

“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Science has proved that anything we (humans) can dream or imagine, can do it.

You become what you think about, it is very basic that you first need to accept it what you want or going to do in life. If you don’t, you may not see things clear and the world might say you are not ready or allowed to yet.

“You have to think big to be big” – Claude M. Bristol

Rich people always think big and start small.

Make goals

Most successful people made their goals early in life and worked hard to achieve them. They failed so many times and been through the worst times of their life.

When you have dreams, make goals to achieve them. Make strategies, just do whatever it takes to achieve. Life is very short to argue, just show it and do it.

Never give up

Successful people never give up, they never did, it’s not their thing. So if you want to become successful, you do the same. When you are set to achieve your goals, you are going to fail so many times, success comes after failure, failure is the seed of growth and success.