A lot of people ask, what is the most profitable business in Pakistan that we can start from low initial investment with high ROI (return on investment) and requires no technical skills.

The simple answer is, NO such business or opportunity exists, I mean, not in this world. If there was such a thing, everyone would have become millionaires. Becoming rich is not an easy job, it requires a lot of passion, persistence and courage to take risks.

Most people do not have that qualities, so they spend an ordinary life (the one’s we call everyday people), it’s true that they dream of becoming millionaires all the time. But the truth is, just dreaming about something can’t get you that thing, you need to act to achieve it. You must give yourself permission to fail, and acceptance. That’s all what it takes to become rich.

Let us first understand ‘Business‘…

What is a Business

A business is an activity in which an individual or a team is engaged, it’s also called people’s concern.

Whatever we do, is our business. If we do something that entertains other people, either we are getting their attention or they are paying to get entertained. Are being helped or getting services in return for a payment. The process is called business.

The markets in Pakistan are evolving, so there are a lot of opportunities that you can avail, only if you start acting NOW. Look opportunities are only for those who think the long term…

Learn how to change yourself from a short-term thinker to a long-term thinker.

Read below what areas are HOT these days in Pakistan.

Most profitable businesses in Pakistan

Every business has its own pros and cons, and it all depends upon the strategy you are running your business on. No business can be profitable until you have a profitable strategy implemented.

We have compiled a list of “Top 5 rapidly evolving markets for starting-business opportunities in Pakistan”

1. Information Technology

For those who posses some knowledge about IT industry, information technology is evolving very fast in Pakistan. A lot of foreign tech giants like Google, PayPal, Alibaba and others are setting their eyes on rapidly increasing IT markets in Pakistan.

This is an opportunity for local entrepreneurs, you can start businesses now with an exit strategy. Because these big giants would definitely be interested in acquiring small companies in coming years or so.

2. Industrial & Manufacturing

Everyone is familiar with the Chinese mega investment of about 45 Billion on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan to build a trade-route from northern Pakistan to Gwadar Port that includes Motor ways, Gas Pipelines and much more.

China has already acquired a lot of land in big cities of Pakistan like Lahore for their future industrial plans. So the industrial revolution is just this close in Pakistan. Take advantage of this opportunity and plan your next venture accordingly.

3. Trading (Import and Export)

Pakistan has a huge advantage over other Asian countries because of its deep-sea Port Gwadar. When this port is fully established, the trading is going to be more easy and it would also become more cheaper for neighbouring countries in south-east Asia to trade via Gwadar route from Pakistan to Europe and middle east.

Timing is just right to get your footsteps early on this to become a big business in coming years.

4. Retail Industry

Pakistan’s population is increasing with 2.0% annual change according to World Bank report (2016). India 1.2% and China with 0.5%.

Retail businesses should forecast the situation of Pakistan in next 10-20 years. The number of people who use internet is also increasing very rapidly in the country as compare to other developed-countries in the western world.

“We have seen so many e-commerce businesses/startups in past few years. As the E-Commerce tech giant Alibaba has shown interest to open its services in Pakistan very soon. Jack Ma with his team have already met with Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif early this year”

5. Agriculture

According to Bloomberg’s report, China would need huge land for agriculture to feed its fast growing population in next 20-50 years. Because its own land would not cover the needs.

This is also planned in the CPEC and One-Belt-One-Road “Belt and Road Initiative” project. The main planning was to make trade via road and make it more cost-effective. China know that it’s gonna need more land in future and so the trade.

Pakistan as being the neighbour of China would have big advantage over this, Pakistan is very famous in agriculture.