I was writing a new chapter for my upcoming book, and this chapter is all about how to make money which a lot of people struggling with these days. Many people actually don’t know what money is so I decided to write about money.

What is money in three words?

Money is:


Many people believe if they had great amount of money they could do anything they wanted to do. So they start running towards money and what actually happens is money runs aways from them. They end up losing what little they had when they started out in life. Stop running towards money…

Money is an effect, not a cause

What that means is “money should come to you” and not should you run towards money. The value you give is the cause (service) and you get the reward for your service rendered (money).

I think now you understand why people running towards money actually get very less. That’s because they do not give value or service and that’s why they don’t get rewarded.

“Money is the medium through which people exchange their labor in the production of goods and services for the goods and services of others”.

You must give something to expect any reward. There’s nothing like “something for nothing”.

How to earn more money

To earn more money, you must add more value. You must increase your knowledge, or increase your skill, or improve your work habits, or work longer and harder hours, or work more creatively, or do something that enables you to get greater leverage and results from your efforts. Sometimes, you have to do all of these together. The highest paid people in our society are those who are continually improving in one or more of these areas to add greater value to the work that they are doing.

“Money is a measure of the value that people place on goods and services”.

Probably you’ve been thinking why teachers get paid less than a professional cricket player, even if all they are doing is hitting a ball with a bat, you’ve got to think about the question, What’s more rare?

Law of universe

Let me give you an example of a person standing on a hill decides to jump from it, would he go up? No way, he’d fall down. It’s a law, things fall downwards.

Similar to that if you are giving value, you would receive the rewards and you would receive in abundance. It’s a law.

How to become rich

Rich people know what money really is and they keep it into its place. They remain the master and money remains their slave. Poor people are slaves and money is their master, so they are always guided by the money. They have no mindset, goals or destinations. So they never reach nowhere, they keep blaming others. They think it’s not their fault as their ancestors have lived the same life, they would say it’s government’s fault and government should take from rich people and give it to us because rich people never use that much in their life.

“Money is a good slave but a bad master”.

We value things that are more expansive in life, but it’s not true. In fact, the complete opposite is true. The things you get free in life are more valuable, irreplaceable and precious. Like your brain, thinking and soul.

Anyone can become rich, you just need to make a mindset and believe. Write down how much money you want to have in 10 years on a piece of paper. And then find out how much value you need to give to get that much of reward. After that forget everything and start giving the value, money must come. It’s a law.

So make your mindset and a goal today. Just remember to think long term and start small today. Start with any idea or little knowledge you have and leave everything else to a power greater than yourself. All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord.