Khalida Brohi

At the age of 16, this young girl witnessed a case of honour killing of a close friend who made her husband’s choice without her family approval.

Sughar Empowerment Society

This incident leads her to establish the Sughar Empowerment Society, a charitable social enterprise in Pakistan committed to giving rural and tribal women chances to develop their abilities and also learn skills of leadership with the goal that they might have the capacity to survive and be independent.


Sahr Said

Sahr accomplished an M.B.A. in business at S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management and bachelor’s degree in arts at Cornell University.

Beauty Hooked

Sahr Said is the founder of Beauty hooked, planned to make an online portal for Pakistani women to look at and compare the services offered by different salons. Beauty Hooked enables you to discover and book salons and parlors close to your area and get the amazing discounts for various services.


Khalid Bajwa

Khalid Bajwa, the founder of Patari, cases to have made the most popular campaign in Pakistan for his versatile application by utilizing innovative social media engagement strategies.


Patari is Pakistan’s most significant music portal that has been assuming a vital job in bringing back music in Pakistan. Patari has been making unique and original content also. It is the first platform of Pakistan that pays royalties to the artists.


Rameeza Moin

Rameeza Moin is an educationalist and working in this field for more than 15 years. She was devoted to working for the underprivileged families.

Transparent Hands

Rameeza Moin is the founder of Transparent Hands. With the help of her brothers, she was able to raise money through crowdfunding to get the patients with the best treatments.


Muhammed Usman

Muhammed Usman is the co-founder of WonderTree. Usman’s elder sibling (conceived with special needs) was the explanation for this startup. At some point, Usman saw that his brother was enjoying to play a game on his PlayStation and this is the point at which the adventure began.


WonderTree creates exciting games for kids with special needs. The motivation behind the games is to make training and treatment suitable and powerful. Likewise, these games additionally include a framework of reporting which screens the general progress of the children.

Previously, there were only four games which required a television, a laptop and v2 sensors. The reporting system of this startup is the best part of it as it shows the progress level of the children.


Sara Saeed Khurram

Apart from being an entrepreneur Sara Saeed Khurram holds an MBBS degree from DOW University.


Sara Saeed Khurram is the founder of SehatKahani startup that enables the female doctors at home to connect with the patient through technology-enabled solutions. The poor conditions of healthcare results due to inaccessibility of female doctors to the rural areas. Another core problem is the Doctor-Bride phenomena which means that people want their wives to be a doctor, but they are not willing to let their wives work. This was the reason behind the emergence of SehatKahani.


Hira Rizvi

Hira is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology in the subject of Public Policy. She is an entrepreneur and electrical engineer by profession.


Hira is a co-founder of SheKab, a startup that connects the female riders to the drivers. By giving sheltered, dependable, and reasonable transport services, SheKab means to cultivate empowerment. The organization produces business open doors for drivers, facilitates transportation burdens confronting the riders, and brings down gender divergence in the workforce. Currently, this service is only available for twin cities, but the Founder is looking forward to expanding SheKab to more cities of Pakistan.


Muhammad Uns & Team

The founders are the graduates of IBA and FAST and have a truly comprehensive knowledge of the online universe of business.


Muhammad Uns and his team are the founders of Dockit. It is offering its customers discounts for up to a year and charging an enrollment expense of Rs. 999 every year.

It is right now looking for support from different designer brands. HSY and Maria B have effectively consented to keep Dockit discount cards in their outlets. The start-up has effectively accepted 380 vendors on board.


Roshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh Zafar is a social activist and an entrepreneur working for the economic women empowerment. She established the first-ever microfinance organization in Pakistan.

Kashf Foundation

Roshaneh Zafar is the founder of Kashf Foundation. The foundation gives financial assistance and instructions to the women working in towns, to improve the economic conditions of them.


Noman Sikander

Noman Sikander completed his MBA degree in Business from Lancaster University. Previously, he was the founder of EatOye!


Nauman is the CEO of foodpanda, a famous food delivery mobile application that gained his own useful startup EatOye! In 2015 after he and his partner Rai Umair established the business from three tables in his dad’s home into a prized securing target.


Kulsoom Lakhani

Kulsoom Lakhani is a young entrepreneur graduated from the University of Virginia in the field of Foreign Affairs and Middle East Studies. She completed her Master’s degree from The George University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

Invest2Innovate (i2i)

Kulsoom Lakhani is the CEO of Invest2Innovate (i2i) startup, which is an entrepreneurship ecosystem. The i2i organization perceives the entrepreneurs in Pakistan, as well as trains them through a program of four months lastly connects them to financial specialists. It supports and rouses business people and helps them to settle. The organization began its work in Pakistan in 2011 and is resolved to grow to different nations also. Before i2i, Kalsoom has likewise functioned as a managing director in Social Vision.


Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara has expertise in the field of marketing, media and communications. Apart from Pakistan, she has worked in other countries such as Hong Kong, UAE and the Far East and has gained the experience of 30 years. She is an entrepreneur, a social activist, a motivator and a solid propagator of expanding the power and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies past traditional business, to engage and empower communities. She is also invited as a speaker at seminars and gatherings and schools and colleges crosswise over Pakistan.


Jehan Ara is the founder of PASHA (Pakistan Software House Association). PASHA collaborates with different national and international institutions to provide the best software solutions.


Baqar Jafri

Baqar Jafri is a BS degree holder in Economics from Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He is a tech entrepreneur, financial journalist and a motivator.

Investors Lounge

Baqar Jafri is the CEO of “Investors Lounge” which provide stock market research and data for helping people to make investing decisions. This startup currently engages the most significant financial institutions in Pakistan and besides a large number of investors of the stock exchange.


Qasif Shahid and Monis Rehman

Qasif Shahid is the CEO of the Finja Pvt. Limited and Monis Rehman is the co-founder of the FINJA Pvt. They both are the part of SimSim Network

Finja PVT

SimSim is Pakistan’s first ever free mobile wallet, and this is the first time when the fintech and a bank will partner to create a digital financial product.