Before starting an online business, you need to understand some very basic but important things that you will eventually need as you proceed.

Know your ideal client

First you need to know what is your ideal client? That would help you improve your products, type of business you are going to start and most importantly you would know about your market so that you can target your market specifically.

Payment terms

You need to know about your payment terms from start, what payment terms you will offer your customers? Are you going to offer a one-time fee or recursive payments by monthly or yearly bases?

How to create an invoice

Always use invoices for the payments you receive & send. This is the only professional way of doing business online. There are bunch of online invoicing platforms that you can use.

Online payments platforms

In Pakistan you can use quiet a number of online payment platforms.

  • Payoneer

    Payoneer is the best option to receive your online payments in Pakistan.
    Order FREE Payoneer Card, just click the link, hit SignUp & fill the form. Your Payoneer card will arrive within 2-3 weeks on your address. (If you need any help filling the form, mention in the comments below and I will assist).Payoneer also offer ‘Global Payment Service’ to their card holders. They will give you a local bank account in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Germany. Customers can easily make direct bank deposit and you will receive the money in your card.The great news is that you can use your Payoneer Master Card in any local ATM in Pakistan and withdraw your money.
  • Skrill

    Skrill is another option. SignUp on Skrill, you can link your skrill account to upwork or freelancer to get paid.“You cannot use PayPal in Pakistan. As there’s no solid way to withdraw your earnings from PayPal in Pakistan”.

Best freelancing websites

The best freelancing websites that you can work on and easily getting paid in Pakistan are below.

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The world of business is filled with risk and failure. Any good businessperson knows that, and thus, they prepare to deal with adversity.

But the best business people not only survive the day-to-day struggles of business, they are also prepared to deal with success. Is your company prepared for the challenges that come with success? If not, your success may be very short-lived.