Change the way you are taught to think if you want to have an impact of you in this world. We are being captivated and manipulated in all different aspects. Starting from the perspectives, the basic point is how we perceive things, people and the fate.

We are taught completely different stories in our lives, in fact we get it everyday form news, media, internet and more importantly the people around us. Everything we listen, see or think has an impact in our mentality & personality. It changes the way how our brains process different streams of thoughts.

Take it in the sense of Artificial Intelligence, AI neural network algorithms learn from iterations. The algorithm becomes more stronger and efficient as it faces different scenarios. This is exactly how our brains work.

In simple words, a child who had seen a murder in his own eyes never would perceive things like the one who had not.

So what are First Principles?

First principles are one of the most powerful methods for conceiving and breaking down complex topics.

There are two ways of thinking of a problem, first, by analogue. This means you break down things by the way things currently are, what you’ve seen, or by what others have done or recommend, etc.. For example, trying to understand human behaviour in relationships by what you read on a website or see in a movie.

Thinking by analogue is generally ineffective and rarely leads to true solutions to problems or disruptive innovation.

In contrast, in the first principles method, you break something down into its most fundamental components.  So to understand some challenging human behaviour, you may think about the way humans evolved, and work your way through history to understand a culture. Then use this information to understand why a person is behaving a certain way.

As far as we know, Aristotle was the first to write about first principles.

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Example of reasoning from First Principle

Problem: Creating a website that allows customers to buy a new car at a low price and have it home delivered, sparing them the pain of a stressful dealership visit and price negotiation.

Reasoning from analogy: New cars are purchased from dealerships. Maybe the website provides an online way to communicate with a car salesperson and negotiate a price via online chat? The customer can pick up the car from the dealership, or have the salesperson deliver it.

Reasoning from first principles: If customers are purchasing new cars, we need to secure the cheapest possible source of new cars. What if we could manufacture the cars ourselves? Or, if that’s impossible, or not economical, purchase them directly from the manufacturer, bypassing dealerships completely?

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