If you want to start an online business and don’t know how to begin yet, then learn what things to understand before starting an online business.

The world of business is filled with risks and failures, but you should not stop yourself from at least trying it. Taking the first step is actually the biggest fear most people have.

Take the first step and break your fear, here are some low cost business ideas that you can start in Pakistan.

Consultancy business

I personally know a couple of guys who started their consultancy business from ZERO, and now they are millionaires.

Consultancy business is very good. If you are just smart, companies out there are looking for skilled persons that you can provide with different services and skilled people are looking for work. You can start a consultancy business from nothing, just search companies that need something done & make a deal with them. Then find some skilled person to get the job done.

In fact, there’s a platform where you can Buy or Sell small services to people all around the world. Fiverr is a marketplace to offer services for money. And it works in both ways. You can signup for one account and buy services & also offer your services in exchange for the money.

Web management

Companies have no time to manage their websites, updating content etc. So you can offer them to manage their websites. Continually updating content and so. You can charge a reasonable fee per month or week, you name it.

Data entry

You can get data entry jobs from Fiverr easily, just make your gigs and customers would contact you.


You can also offer designing work, it takes no investment. You just have to have a good PC and some knowledge about designing, you can also learn from YouTube tutorials if you have no idea about that.

Writer/copy writer

If you have great writing skills, you can always write content for different magazines, publishers etc.

Virtual assistant

People need virtual assistants who can do different kind of stuff for them. Like sorting their mailing lists, doing some data entry or even managing their Facebook pages. You don’t have to be expert in anything to be a virtual assistant.

Sales consulting

You can be a sales consultant for small businesses. You just need to be good at speaking with people and that’s it. You can start you own sales consultancy business.

Online blogging

If you have good writing skills, you can write for blogs. They will pay you per blog post, like 500 words or so. You can easily earn 500-2000 PKR per blog post you write.

Language teaching

If you know different languages, then maybe you can teach others. It’s fun, and you can earn money from this.

I know a website where you can start teaching, Verbling, just SignUp as a teacher. You can upload your intro video and schedule the timings when you are available to give lectures.

Social media management

If you are a good social media person and using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr a lot. Then maybe you can offer people to manage their social profiles, pages etc. And they can pay you in exchange.