Network with Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Now a days we do not take the time to develop contacts and network. Networking may seem like a bunch of crap when you’re young, but later on it becomes clear that it’s how so many jobs are won.

So, we decided to take an initiative to start networking sessions, once a month and starting from Lahore. It is invites only session for innovators and entrepreneurs. There is free pizza for everyone, a particular session consist of six to eight members only to make it more effective.


The main focus of these sessions is to experience and learn new skills, getting inspirations and awareness about latest happenings. We will be discussing about ‘what is what’ & who is who’ in business. So, you can be more innovative and seek new opportunities, meet like-minded individuals or maybe look for co-founders for you next venture.
It is a healthy habit to meet new people, removes frustration and anxiety.


Following are the rules for our networking sessions.

  1. Respect each other & their opinions.
  2. Try to come in time.
  3. Be polite to each other while arguing.
  4. If someone is speaking and you gotta interrupt, just raise your hand.
  5. Try to avoid political discussions (only business discussion).
  6. Inform (via email or a phone call) at least one day before if you have been invited and can’t manage to attend the session.
  7. Try not to be so judgemental, just be curious.