Rich people have a totally different mindset – they play a game poor people can’t imagine; the rich play with money, while poor people get played by money.

The difference is the game. Rich people are the players and poor people are the pawns. When I say poor people, I don’t mean just lower middle class, but both middle and upper middle class as well. As long as they don’t have multiple income streams, generating money while they sleep, they are poor!

When you don’t have any businesses that work for you, and you haven’t invested money that works for you, you are a poor person. Because all you have are expenses, you don’t have income generating assets. Your only income is a 9 to 5 job. All other things are liabilities. People commonly confuse assets and liabilities. Just make sure you get it right.

The problem is with our traditional educational system. How many time do we need to tell people that our education system is not working now? The times have changed but the system remains the same. They prepare you to be an obedient and humble employee. They train you for it: How to obey your boss, what you need to say and what things you need to avoid in order to secure a position in the company. Fear of losing jobs is rampant, as you’re replaceable. Some people are terrified, they can’t afford to lose their jobs. That prevents them from taking risks, makes them dull and eventually imparts laziness. This causes them to stick to their jobs and suffer.

On the other side, rich people have money that works for them, rich people always buy assets not liabilities. That’s the main difference between rich people and poor people’s mentality. Rich people have more income than their expenses, the extra income is always invested, so their assets keep expanding, that generates more income.

That’s the reason rich people are getting richer and the poor gets poorer, because poor people have less income and more expenses. They buy liabilities that sink them deeper and deeper into debt. You need to act like a rich person, invest like a rich person, and above all, think beyond your 9 to 5.