This year Elon Musk’s Tesla acquired SolarCity which builds & installs solar panels on homes. Now Tesla is a one-stop-shop for all energy solutions, from electric cars to solar homes and power walls…

Tesla is already a threat for other giant car companies like Ford, BMW, Audi and others. But after acquiring the SolarCity, it became more powerful and the company changed its mission from electric car company to a full energy company by changing its name from Tesla Motors to Tesla.

Tesla Electric cars

Model S was a huge success, continually building new models and becoming more efficient by time. Now the main focus of Tesla is driverless cars. Tesla has already tested out its auto pilot 2.0 and the company claims that it’s 100 times more efficient than a good human driver. And the company is continually improving it’s efficiency.

Tesla promised to have driverless cars on roads by the end of 2018. The main feature of driverless cars is that they won’t just sit in the parking lines, but earn some extra bucks for you by accepting paid gigs (just like Uber) automatically. That’s the beauty of driverless cars.

World’s largest lithium-ion battery storage project in South Australia

Elon Musk has thrown down a challenge to the South Australian and federal governments this March, saying he can solve the state’s energy woes within 100 days – or he’ll deliver the 100MW battery storage system for free.

Now the company has already started its work to install the world’s largest lithium-ion battery storage project in South Australia.

Negotiations with China

Musk is already in a conversation with China to build a second largest GigaFactory 2 in China. That would be bigger than the Tesla GigaFactory 1 in Nevada.


Source: @ElectrekCo‏

Elon Musk says 2 or 3 more Tesla Gigafactories are coming to the US


Did you ever wonder why Elon Musk is so interested to send human on Mars?

The answer is pretty much a science fiction. Of course he has a vision behind the idea that he’s never shared with other people.

His moves towards the Word’s Energy needs for past couple of years, I suspect he’s after something bigger than that. And that’s Energy.

Energy is power, the governments are going to shut down oil usage within few decades completely. Because of environmental catastrophes such as Climate Change threats to our planet. So he knows that more alternative resources one can build in that interim would have more power and can control the world.

Now that you see Tesla is everywhere, here is the list of its products.

  1. Electric Cars
  2. Powerwall
  3. Powerpack
  4. Solar roof tiles
  5. Solar panels