You’ve been lied to. “Good things don’t come to those who wait”. The only thing that comes to those who wait is death. Good things come to those who do the work.

Nobody is born skilled or smart, everybody is born the same way. Every skill is learned through practice. Practice is endless repetition of something. Perfection achieved by constant iterations and tweaks that come through trial and error. If you want something and you don’t have it, that’s on you. Nobody else is to blame.

Poor people fail because of one common behaviour, there's whole life is about waiting.

This picture says everything

Most people talk about “the day” they’re going to make their big move and make something happen… Most people die without even starting. Thoughts mean nothing. Talk means nothing. Actions and results are the only things that count.

If all you want to do is talk and think about it, you will never amount to anything. You have to act and go get it. Good things are waiting for you to come to them, start hustling today and your life will change for good.

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