Building a business is hard, and doing it alone is a nightmare. As a founder, you are building so many things together; from a team, business model to a finished product and then go to market strategy. It’s not that you can do all that alone without any expert advice.

And of course it shouldn’t be like that, picking the right advisor for your venture along your journey can help with several different aspects. So before getting into any trouble and wasting time, you need to find right advisors, they are expert and they have done it before. Most importantly they know the rules and can guide you through and make sure you do things correctly & also help in making important decisions.

Advisors are the primarily people that founders can open up to and trust, without the fear of being judged. They point you in the right direction, tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

“If you ask any successful businessperson,
they will always (say they) have had a
great mentor at some point along
the road.” 
Richard Branson

I spoke to many startups in Pakistan and 85% didn’t even think about having expert advisors. They were just working their owns, and they don’t even wanna share the idea – afraid of being stolen; strange, right?
The bad thing about this, they fail – yes, literally, the chances for their failure are high if do not have a strong broad members team who think out of the box.

How to find mentors or advisors?

There are many ways to find the right mentors for your startup. Either you can ask your network if you can find any influential person in your business niche or you can search online.

1- You can use LinkedIn, that’s the great tool to find and connect with professional people.

2-Medium – Startups & Entrepreneurs Mentorship” is a platform for startups and entrepreneurs, it’s totally free to use. You can just got to Find A Mentor and search for a mentor in your business area. If you do not find one, you can simply Request a Mentor by filling up an applications form. They will connect you with the right mentors, who would advise you voluntarily.

3- Networking Sessions are organised to put like-minded people in contact with each other. Signing up for these events is a good way to meet new like minded people and ask for their advice.