Most people are afraid of failures, because of that they can not allow themselves to take risks. People take failures as warnings and immediately stop after, actually it’s not, it’s a pathway to success!

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be” – John Wooden

Fear of failure

Fear of losing something is valid, it’s in human nature, our brains are designed to keep us safe from situations & actions that feels uncomfortable for either our body or brain. The default effect of our brain is to keep us away from that dangerous events, because our brains process them as warnings and that warnings in real life is fear.

According to Dr Karl Albrecht – Fear has 5 types:

  • Extinction. The fear of annihilation, of ceasing to exist.
  • Mutilation or Bodily Invasion.
  • Loss of Autonomy.
  • Separation, Abandonment or Rejection.
  • Humiliation, Shame or Worthlessness.

No one feels proud of having failed in something.

So, the questions is how the f*ck we get rid of fear?

The answer is “We need to train our minds to accept failures as steps towards success. Accepting & training our minds accordingly. We have full control to train our brains, do it again and again and again. “Repetition is the mother of all skills”.

Successful people train themselves to take control over their minds to accept failures that ultimately becomes the foundational pieces for their success. Having failed a couple of times, makes you ready to take big risks, and we all know that big risks means more chances of success, right?

There’s no way someone can become millionaire for not trying to be, you gotta act and that separates us from the people who just dream about it.

How to use failure to succeed?

  • Never accept it
    First thing is never accept that you are failed, failure is only when you accept it. If you don’t, you still have a chance. Just know that you need to change your strategy.
  • There’s always a lesson to learn
    When we fail, there’s always a lesson to learn, you need to figure out the mistakes and improve them. Take some time to think, come back bigger, better and stronger.
  • Be constructive
    Use the failures to be prepared for your next try. Don’t do the same mistake again, change the recipe because you can never expect different results by doing the same thing again and again…
  • Never Give Up!
    Just keep this in mind, when you really wanna achieve something in your life – You Never Give Up!!