Whenever we talk about Pakistan’s educational system, entrepreneurship in Pakistan or Pakistan startups. A couple of questions quickly pop up in everyone’s head;

  1. Why does Pakistan lack in business sector?
  2. The ratio of startups started every year is low?
  3. Students are more interested in getting a job rather than a startup?
  4. Fresh graduates are not confident enough to take risks

The simple answer to all those questions is “Our colleges and universities are producing workers, not entrepreneurs’.

“I do not support our traditional educational system, the way it is producing workers, not entrepreneurs” – Farooq Ahmed

Below are some facts and reasons that Pakistani Educational system is producing workers, our educational system needs improvements and reforms in order to overcome these issues. And to bring Pakistani students to the next level of development in business & education.

Facts why our educational sector is bad.

  • There are teacher who are not teachers
  • People teach for money and not with passion
  • We have Not-Helping each other mentality
  • Students hate each other for grades
  • Teachers only motivate students to get A’s
  • Students goals are to get good grades, not knowing what they love
  • Universities lack in social activities
  • Students are more likely involved in other affairs rather than study
  • No platforms to connect like-minded students
  • Teachers have no capability to judge a student
  • No Mentors or Advisers for students
  • Bad teacher-student relations
  • No activities between students & teachers to collaborate
  • No one to listen to students and their ideas

How can we improve?

  • Need to improve hiring criteria for teachers, need to hire TEACHERS not money-lovers
  • Encourage our students to adopt positive mentality and help-out each other mindset
  • Teachers need to motivate students, rather than building lust for grades in them
  • Should start different type of social activities for students for their internal growth. Mutual collaboration, talk-sessions and ideas sharing can help
  • We should have multiple platforms where students can seek mentors, advisers and like-minded individuals
  • Teachers should treat students nicely to build great relations with them
  • Give students opportunities to use their learned-skills in a practical way while studying
  • Motivate students to do more research
  • Most important build self-esteem and esteem of Pakistan through Positive Attitude.

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