Waking up early

Always wake up early in the morning, 4-6 hours sleep is good enough for a healthy life. Waking up early makes humans more active and happier.

Take a walk in the morning

Start your day with running, morning walk is so beneficial for humans health and well being. Just 20 mins of walking in the morning makes you more creative and decrease anxiety.

Revising your goals

Revising your goals daily gives you courage and motivation. So that you know your destination, it makes your path clear and it becomes easy to proceed with the day to make it more productive.

Making todo list

First thing to do in the office, make your todo list for the day, and start from smaller tasks. When you do smaller tasks first, it develop interest and you get pace, so you do the tough tasks easily and get things done efficiently. Do not start from bigger tasks, because if you stuck somewhere, you will lose interest and it will become hard to get things done.

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Effective time management

Manage your time, time to work and to relax. By keeping in mind the time-frame makes it fast to done tasks automatically. If you have not defined any time-frame for each task, you would be distracted and the day becomes less productive.


Be persistent about your tasks and make it a habit. If it fails, do it again and again until you get it right. Do not give up.