Whatever you put in your head you will eventually manifest in the outside world. It’s similar like planting an apple tree, you choose a fertile soil and apple seeds. And then you give it ample amount of water and sun light. When the time is right that seed sprout into an apple tree.

The same goes with your life except the soil is your mind and your thoughts are the seeds that you plant in your mind. The water is your actions and sun is your feelings.

So three things make your life.

1- Thoughts

Everything that you see, listen, smell and touch makes your thoughts. Those are the seeds that you put in your brain. You can’t expect different results, it’s simple “what goes around comes around”.

The meaning you associates with things and actions that you take in response plays an important role in your life.

As Tony Robbins says “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning that you give it”.

In psychology it’s true.

How does giving-away increases you wealth?

Giving away grows dopamine receptors in our brain that generates good feelings, satisfaction and happiness. In response to that we become more focused and achieve more.

2- Actions

Your everyday routine and actions define the quality of your life.

Newton’s third law is: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Psychology says anything that you do repeatedly for a period of time is very much likely to become your habit.

3- Feelings

Actions alone don’t do much of the work. It’s important how you feel about your actions. If you feel do not feel good being in a relationship, you’d end up having a breakup pretty soon.

You are taught that banks protect your money and its your social right to give back in the form of tax from your income. Everyone around you also believes the same. So what do we do? We feel good about giving tax, because we are taught so.

Always remember

You Become What You Think

Brain is so powerful that it can shape your body completely, thinking can have huge effects too. Positive thinking makes positive changes, on the other hand stress, anxiety and depression creates worst effects such as low self esteem, less-confidence and feeling of lose.

Trust The Process

“People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in 20 years”.

You should trust the process in order to think clearly and focus on long term goals. Don’t get distracted by short-term pitfalls that come on your way to success.

Cultivate Your Mind For Success

As a term used in business “fake your success”. Meaning, imagine yourself being successful, feel it and live in it. That increases your chances of success.