Citing Pakistan’s growth rate, one of the world’s largest professional-services firms PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), has ranked Pakistan to be among top 20 powerful economies by 2030 and 16th by 2050.

Pakistan had been through different times in history so far, many hoped for business & industrial revolutions in Pakistan. You are a lucky one if you are reading this because the time has come, it’s just the right time to invest in Pakistan, starting your business that you planned for years…

You have already read the news that multinational companies from different countries has shown interest in investing in Pakistani local markets and startups, the situation became more hot after “World Economic Forum 2017 Davos” when Mr. Nawaz Sharif – Prime Minister Pakistan presented investment opportunities in Pakistan. Chinese Information Technologies (IT) giants has already started buying small companies and investing startups in Pakistan, European countries also started looking for opportunities as well. CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) played a great role in this industrial revolution to start in Pakistan, and Russia is already supporting the CPEC. India & Iran would also take their parts to make their fortune in working with Pakistan and local companies, all advantage goes to Gwadar port.

The revolution has started… the situation is clear. And within next 5-10 years Pakistan is expected to grow rapidly.

Pakistan’s economy and equity market

Why it’s the best time to invest in Pakistan?
Well, that’s a good questions, below are some real factors that will help you forecast Pakistans markets.

Invest in Pakistan

Increasing Growth Rate

Pakistan growth rate is increasing so fast in past few years, and it is expected to increase in coming years as well. The recents business moves in the region, china trade and other partnerships has impacted in a lot different ways.

According to Yahoo Finance.

Global X Pakistan (PAK) : 38.44%

A quote from the Pakistan report.

Pakistan has pursued reforms to improve its entrepreneurial environment and facilitate private-sector development. The financial sector has undergone modernization and restructuring.”

Look at the ranking components between India and Pakistan

Country Overall Ranking Property Rights Business Freedom Labor Freedom Government Spending Government Spending
Pakistan 141 52.8 36.40 61.20 37.80 87.30
India 143 52.6 55.40 52.80 41.60 77.40
Source: The Heritage Foundation

See the recent article published by Forbes contributor: Pakistan Is Getting Ahead Of India, Again

Current Stats


Internet Users in Pakistan (2016)
Share of Pakistan Population: 17.8 % (penetration)
Total Population : 192,826,502
Share of World Internet Users: 1 %
Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237


Pakistan internet users data comparison for past five year

Year Internet Users Penetration (% of Pop) Total Population Non-Users (Internetless) 1Y User Change 1Y User Change Population Change
2016* 34,342,400 17.8 % 192,826,502 158,484,102 9.7 % 3,024,054 2.07 %
2015* 31,318,346 16.6 % 188,924,874 157,606,528 22.6 % 5,782,235 2.1 %
2014 25,536,111 13.8 % 185,044,286 159,508,175 29.3 % 5,786,113 2.13 %
2013 19,749,998 10.9 % 181,192,646 161,442,648 11.8 % 2,081,730 2.14 %
2012 17,668,268 10 % 177,392,252 159,723,984 13 % 2,038,000 2.14 %

Trading Opportunities

Trading & shipping has started from Gwadar port via CPEC. And Gwadar is expected to become the Asia’s most busiest port in next 10 years.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Business Freedom

Business freedom in Pakistan is increasing, there has been tremendous changes in Government policies in favour of entrepreneurship and foreign investments. Government is trying to attract foreign businesses to come and invest in Pakistan.

Property Rights

It is easy for international companies to acquire land & build foundational pieces in order secure a position in next huge market. You can always learn more about property rights in Pakistan.