Every businessman knows the importance of sales in business. It is the key for every successful business. If you look back and see the life of “Steve Jobs”, he was an excellent sales person. He knew his customers and just focused to design & build great products. Why everyone wanted to purchase iPhone when launched? Because all of them knew that it is designed for them.

It worked 10 years ago, it works now and it will obviously work for you. People are just same in every generation, the feelings are same, they can sense the difference in good and evil quickly. This is what we all share, and it is same since beginning of time.

To be a great salesperson you need to see the world from buyers perspective.

There are five types of buyers.

  • Needy buyer
  • Wanderer buyer
  • Deal buyer
  • Habitual buyer
  • Seasonal buyer

“I got a meeting to attend and my shoes are broken, I need new shoes quickly. Just get me a pair of shoes ASAP so that I can attend my meeting, and I will pay whatever you want. This is a needy buyer”.

“A person walking into the shop, and say ‘ah just looking’ – He is killing time. He’s a wanderer buyer”.

Deal buyers: “This type of buyers, they are always looking for a deal, there’s gotta be deal. Someone gotta lose money for that. They would buy anything if it’s cheaper or a sale”.

Habitual buyers would just buy anything if it pleases them. Just try to tell them this product is for you and only for you.

Some people buy things seasonally, “they have money and they think that we deserve to have nice things”, maybe changing every month or so. Like people upgrade their phones every time there is an updated version available in the market. Just like buying a watch every year. This type of buyers are seasonal buyers.

When you are selling, learn what type of buyer you are dealing with and when you know the type you can deal accordingly to make an effective pitch. In this way you sell quickly, because you offer them exactly what they need and you close more deals in a day only if you know the type of buyer you are dealing with.